Since 1996, Affirm has performed millions of wholesale county criminal searches for the nation's leading employment screening companies.    


County Level Criminal Search
  • Conducted in the court’s predominantly used index

  • Real-time, accurate, up-to-date searches

  • Private databases never used

  • Includes felonies and misdemeanors

Statewide Criminal Search
  • Comprehensive statewide criminal record search

  • State criminal repositories or court systems

  • Private databases never used

  • Available for most states

Federal Criminal Search
  • Criminal searches at the federal level

  • Covers all federal crimes including bank robbery, drug trafficking, and embezzlement, crimes that cross state lines, such as human trafficking and child pornography charges, and crimes that occur on federal property, like a military base.

  • Search by Federal District

  • Private databases never used

County Court Civil Records
  • Comprehensive search for civil matters

  • Records can include lawsuits, small claims, and judgments

  • Available as lower civil, upper civil, or combined upper and lower civil

  • Money-related matters. (Not paternity, divorce, etc.)

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